Portrait in Paris

Portrait in Paris

Paris, France
Leica M9, 50mm F/0.95 Noctilux

5 Comments on “Portrait in Paris

  1. I absolutely LOVE the new Noct. I’ve owned three of the pre-ASPH versions and loved them all, but don’t have a Noct at present — just the Summi 50mm for now. The bokeh on the Summi is excellent, but I prefer the Noct above all others.

    • The 50 lux is a fantastic lens! Right now the 50 F/0.95 Noctilux is my only lens. Even when I shoot my S I have my M on my side. I much prefer the portraits from the M over the S.

      • Wow – you have an S? How do you like it? I’ve yet to see one.

        Back when I was shooting film with a Noct, it was the only 50 I ever used. I always had wannabes talking smack about the Noct, but it was the perfect lens for me. If I can ever scrape the coin together, I’ll spring for another at the drop of a hat.

      • I absolutely love shooting the S2. It is great for my fashion work. I shoot it with strobes or available light. I have a CS lens that is capable of a 1/1000 sync speed we use a lot. The files are amazing you can just keep zooming in and zooming in. They are amazing, of course its hard to see when I have to compress a 50mb file to under 10 to upload! It has a autofocus as well but easily manually focused with its really cool split prism. I do shoot strobes on the M also on occasion.

        People always hate on the noctilux and of course us Leica shooters in general. Now M9 guys are hating on my m240 pictures. Its all a hoot to me. You can see my photographs on my flickr page. http://Www.flickr.com/scott997 I am trying to bring this new blog up to present. It is a much better site then tumblr! Thank you for checking out my work.


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