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mountain View 2



Montmartre in Paris. Just going through the photos now. Was very happy with this shoot.

Icelandic Editorial

Scott Morvay 31F_Just got back from Iceland, what an amazing country/island!

I worked with model Fanney Palsdottir and we got a lot of great photographs.

Pagani Huayra

Pagani HuayraSaw a GORGEOUS Pagani Huayra on the streets of Paris.

Don’t Drink and Scooter

Don't Drink and ScooterJust got to Paris, stretching my legs a little. First street shot.

Whats in my camera bag?

Camera_Bag 2

Whats in my camera bag? Using a Tenba brand carry on compatible book bag. Top notch quality.

Leica S2 medium format camera w/ 35mm, 70mmCS, 120mm lenses + Extra battery and charger.

Leica M240 camera with 50mm F/0.95 Noctilux & Silver 35mm F2 Summicron asph.

Profoto B1 Strobe (Yes this really does fit!) and air transceiver + Extra batteries.

7 32GB SD Cards for S2, 4 16gb SD cards for M240

500GB Seagate hard drive for backing up cards. Cards are never formatted only cataloged.

Garmin with Europe maps loaded.

ND filters for Noctilux and for S2 70 & 35mm.

Sekonic Light Meter (touch screen version)

3 new Leica lens wipes

Color Checker and Grey Card

2 Monster Power Cards with cables attached for charging iPhone on the go

2 sets International Power Adapters

Macbook Air

Suncatcher Zebra Weave Reflector

Also Shown: not going in this bag is a Westcott IceLight with CTO Filter, Lighting Stand, and Profoto Zoom Reflector.

Not Shown: Manfrotto Tripod

Destination: Paris, Iceland, London

Objective: Fashion, Landscape, Street Photography


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